Advanced Shielding & Grounding

You will need the following items for this spell:
Casting Instructions for ‘Advanced Shielding & Grounding’
I don’t think shielding should be that difficult. You will need a good imagination and visualize
what I am going to tell you. I recommend making shields that surround you like a impenetrable
bubble. They can be any color you want, be creative.
I’m not sure how this will work for you but there will be two layers of shielding. The outter layer
will simply protect you and prevent any thing from entering, while destroying it with its energy. If
something breaks in, the second layer will protect you and will also repeal the energy and
bounce it back to whoever sent it.
Shield your thoughts as well as blocking others from harming or influencing you badly in any
way. If you think that as the purpose of your shield, then it will do so. The shield of the mind is
created by a strong and happy memory. Think of the happiest moment in your life and imagine
your mind and body being strengthened by it and helping you in casting the banishing spell or
removing a binding.
When shielding, believe that you are the master of your body, will yourself to do the banishing
spell, and know that no outside force can break your defenses or curse you ever again.
The shielding will take energy from you depending on how effective it is and how much energy
you have. So rather than giving energy from yourself, do grounding. Imagine yourself being
stabilized and the energy of nature coming to you from below your feet and making you able to
stand your ground and strengthen you. This will help you.
When you finish grounding, thank the nature for helping you.