A yellow-gold, fossilized resin with electrical
properties, highly prized since prehistoric times and
worn as jewelry to protect against witchcraft, sorcery
and poisons. Only the pearl is older than amber in use as
jewelry and amulets. Amber was heavily traded by the
Phoenicians. The ancient Romans used it to cure headaches
and throat infections, and considered a phallus
made of amber to be the ultimate protection against the
evil eye.
Amber also is considered a bringer of good luck and a
protector of health. It is believed to help women in labor,
to keep a person cool in the hot sun and to remedy failing
eyesight, earaches and a host of intestinal and kidney
ailments. Jet, or black amber, has similar properties. In
Iceland, jet serves as a protective amulet. In medieval Europe,
jet was burned to drive away evil spirits.

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