Attraction Spell

You take a red or pink candle scented oil(or perfume but oil is recommended) which is your favorite, and you taker a piece of red construction paper, or plain white paper and color it red, and cut out a heart.

You turn out all lights and make sure your away from anything that will cause a disturbance.

You light the candle (turn off the lights) put it in the center of the paper heart, drip a couple of drops of the oil on the heart and say:

“May the corn stone of my affections be grace and goodness and let my love know no boundary, for the greater my love for others, so in kind will that love come back to me.” and that should attract love.

If you want love from a certain someone, you should say

“I Love _(Name of person)_” ten times after repeating the last verse.

God bless thee all.

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