Authenticity is the new awake.

It is not an awake spirit in the absence of body or world, but our willingness to integrate our awakening spirit, into the body and express our uniqueness fully in the world.

When authentic, we are able to experience an entire spectrum of personal expression, whether labeled as good, bad, or otherwise.

From this our perspective of our inherently liberated all-loving intelligence.

In authenticity, we welcome life with enthusiasm, while remaining open to the miraculous gifts that each moment provides.

As authenticity dawns, we come to see how our most limiting experiences are not based on the outcome, but how we respond within and throughout to the circumstances at hand.

When authentic, the worst feelings are not the end result of misfortune, but moments when our most vulnerable responses were left unrecognized or underappreciated.

We don’t have to like our experiences to be authentic.

We just have to be honest about how things feel.

As the heartfelt honesty and courage of true authenticity awaken, we come to see how all things are healed by time, instead of through the instance of your will.

From this space, the human experience can be celebrated as the perfection of spirit expressed through the glory of individuality that honors the desire of Truth to know itself in infinite ways.

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