(Bambusa vulgaris) G
Folk Names: Common Bamboo, Ohe
(Hawaiian), Kauayan-kiling
Gender: Masculine
Deity: Hinna
Powers: Protection, Luck, Hex-Breaking,
Ritual Uses: Bamboo is used in divination
in Chinese temples. Bits of the wood are
thrown to the worshipper by the priest.
According to the way they fall, the omen is
interpreted as good or bad.
Magical Uses: Carve your wish on a piece
of bamboo and bury in the ground in
a secluded place. Or, carve a symbol of
protection, like a five-pointed star (pentagram),
on a length of bamboo and plant it
in the ground to protect your home.
Grown near the house, bamboo gives it
and its residents good fortune. Also, bamboo
is placed over the door because, since
its wood never changes color, it is lucky.
Bamboo is used to break hexes, either by
carrying it in a sachet, growing a plant near
the house, or crushing the wood to a powder
(called bamba wood) and burning.
The Chinese use the bamboo as a charm
against evil spirits. To call up good spirits,
make a flute out of bamboo. Carve the
name of the spirit (if any) and play an
improvised melody.

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