(Fucus vesiculosus; various other
plants) P N H
Folk Names: Bladder Fucus, Cutweed, Kelp,
Sea Spirit, Seawrack, Seetang, Meeriche,
Sea Oak, Black Tang
Gender: Feminine
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Powers: Protection, Sea Spells, Wind Spells,
Money, Psychic Powers
Magical Uses: Seaweeds generally give protection
to those at sea, or those who are
flying over it. Therefore, intercontinental
travellers should carry this plant. It is also
used in sea spells to summon the spirits of
the sea, by throwing it onto the waves and
calling them. This will gain their favor and
they will aid your magic.  Kelp is used to summon the winds:
Stand on the shore and hold a long strand
of the fresh seaweed in your hand, whip
it around in the air above your head in a
clockwise direction and whistle. The winds
will come.
Make an infusion of the plant and scrub
the floors and doors of a place of business
to attract customers and bring good vibrations
into the store. Also use in all money
spells. A particularly potent spell entails
simply filling a small jar with whiskey,
placing some kelp in it, capping tightly,
and placing this in the kitchen window.
This will ensure a steady flow of money
into the household.
Bladderwrack is also used in sachets to
increase psychic powers and is carried to
protect against mental derangement

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