You Will Need:

One Black Candle
A Candle holder
Black or White pepper
A carving tool
Anointing oil (this can be any kind of oil you prefer)

Begin by slowly sprinkling salt in a counterclockwise circle around you and your work area, visualize the salt creating a barrier, protecting you during your ritual.

Call the target of your banishing spell to mind and carve your intention into the candle.

For example, you might carve
“Mark will never speak to me again” or “My anxiety is gone”.

You may also wish to carve a banishing sigil into your candle.

When you’ve finished, anoint your candle with the oil and sprinkle the pepper over it.

Set the candle into your candle holder and light it, speaking your intention aloud.

If it feels good you can turn your intention into a mantra to chant while the candle burns.

Allow the candle to burn itself out, this should be done on a fireproof surface and again, away from pets.

Depending on your choice of candle, it may take several hours to completely burn.

If you don’t wish to burn the entire candle you can carve a line half way or a third of the way down the candle and confine your spell carving to the top portion.

This can be tricky if you use a taper candle, be gentle so as not to snap it.

When the candle burns to this line you may blow it out and reserve the rest of the candle for another banishing spell