Casting a Circle

Here is how to cast and take down a magic circle. What to Do: Center and ground. Draw energy up from the earth into your core and let it

Un Casting A Circle

When you have completed your spells or rituals, you should close the circle. This is done by simply reversing the casting process. * Thank the Guardians and send the

Casting A Triple Circle

Three is a sacred number in magick and for special ceremonies, you can create a triple circle of both power and protection. The number three represents the three aspects

Casting A Dual Circle

First consecrate the salt symbolizing the Earth element in the North of the altar by stirring it three times with an athame, wand or crystal, and visualize radiance pouring

Why we cast Circles

They say that the longest journey begins with a single step. So, too, the exploration of Magickal studies begins with a single step. Though the first step in a

Circle Casting

It’s helpful when casting a spell to create ritual space, and casting a circle is one way to do so. Not only does this ward off distracting energies, it