Past Lives: Your favourite places

Reincarnation has its own geography. As the long path of our soul journey winds around the Earth, we build up all kinds of personal associations with particular places. Those

Past Lives Clothes

Often, we have favorite outfits and items of clothing that we like precisely because they unconsciously take us back to how we once were in an earlier life. For

Past Lives: Crete: my real home

My childhood roots were in Yorkshire – but I’ve never really felt at home there,’ a friend of mine once remarked. ‘Strangely, I feel much more rooted in Crete.

Past Lives: Jewellery

Often standing for something significant from a former life, jewellery can represent past-life status, special qualifications or important triumphs. Take Leila, who loved wearing a chunky brass necklace that

Past Lives: Mothers’ Dreams

Pregnant mothers sometimes dream about their baby’s past lives. An American woman, Martha, told me that when she was pregnant she dreamed that in a previous life her baby

Past Lives: New frontiers

The boundaries of past-life therapy are now expanding to include future lives, and memories of the between-life worlds. It’s also become clear that during a regression we can get