Catnip spell

Catnip is magical correspondence with Venus and water both are associated with love and feelings !! This spell is to encourage a partner to be more imagination in love making. This is for relationships that need abit of spice in their love life.
Just think how cats roll round in ecstasy try this you turn a pussy cat lol into a tiger grrr .

You will need :
Oil burner with tea light
Nine drops of ylang-ylang essential oil
One teaspoon water
One green candle ( 15 to 20cm )
Two tablespoons of dried Catnip
Two bits chesse cloth ( 7.5cm )
One long price thread
A sewing needle ?

Spell should coincide with a waning moon and take place on Friday ( Freya/ venus day )

Cast a circle
Water and oil in the burner . Light the candle and call upon Bast ;

I call upon Bast, lady of cats
To witness, bless and empower my charm .

Place the Catnip in your right palm and cover it with your left. Visualise yourself and your lover making love in the way that you would like them to initiate. Hold onto that feeling and direct into the Catnip.
Place the Catnip in the centre of the cheesecloth pieces and place the other on top and sew all the edges together and fasten off .
Pass the Catnip sachet though the steam of the oil burner nine times and the candle dedicated to Bast.
Keep sachet in your bed you share with your lover for at last one moon circle