All crystals contain power as well as protective qualities and charging crystals is itself empowering.
However, if you are being subjected to stress or harassment of any kind, you might like to charge your
crystal, so that when you touch or look at it, you will be enclosed in its radiance and stimulate your
own innate self-protective power. Your charged crystal acts as an amplifier for your own inner
radiance and self-confidence and will repel any hostility.

One favoured method is to wrap the crystals in white silk and take them to a sacred place of
ancient power, such as a standing stone, an old stone circle or one of the ancient healing wells. These
wells were formerly dedicated to the Mother Goddess but were Christianised and rededicated to St
Bride, the Virgin Mary or other Christian, often Celtic, saint.

Go as early in the morning as possible and place the crystals on a flat surface, either on one of the
stones or close to the water. Sit near to the source of power, touching it with your two hands so that
you create a circuit of energy parallel to that being absorbed by the crystals and so empower your own
auric field (the area of psychic energy that exists around our bodies).

Auric fields contain different colours; they can be seen spontaneously by clairvoyants but anyone can,
with time and practice, interpret auras, which change according to a person’s mood and the influences
on it. After about ten minutes you may detect a slight luminescence around yourself as well as the
crystals. Your crystals will now be charged and can be placed in their drawstring bag.

When under stress, touch your chosen crystal for strength and protection. Keep it on your desk at
work, place it between you and an adversary or next to your bed if you are troubled by bad dreams or
fear psychic attack or malevolence at night. People living in areas with high rates of robbery and
violence may wish to put a power crystal, such as turquoise, red jasper or carnelian, as a protective
buffer near external doors and windows. In less extreme circumstances, charged rose quartz and
amethyst are excellent for sleep and relaxation problems, for charging simply accentuates the innate
calm energies of the crystal.

With the gentle crystals (such as amethyst, rose quartz or smoky quartz), you will experience a gentle
warmth and enclosing light of pink, green or purple according to the colour of the crystal. But with the
power crystals (such as clear crystal quartz, citrine or carnelian), you may see with your psychic
vision sparks of gold emanating and enclosing you in a protective shell. Anyone who approaches in a
confrontational way may stop and back off. The crystal is not hurting them, it is just strengthening
your own boundaries against intrusion.

If you cannot visit an ancient site to charge your crystals, hold a crystal pendulum up to bright
sunlight, or in front of a fibre optic lamp, and swirl it so that it catches rainbows. Hold your pendulum
in your power hand. With your other hand, hold the crystal beneath the pendulum so it catches the
light, and turn your pendulum over the crystal nine times deosil to absorb power.
Another method is to take your crystal out into the light of the full moon (the two or three nights
leading up to the full moon are also powerful). Hold your crystal up so that the light of the Moon
shines on it. Alternatively, fill a bowl with water and place it in the open air so that the Moon is
reflected in it. You can then bathe your crystal in empowering moonlight and leave to dry.
You can also bathe a crystal in sunlight; I find the Moon method more gently empowering for crystals
that are primarily intended to act as guardians. But experiment, as Sun water may be best for you.
As these are personal crystals, ask the Moon or Sun in your own words to lend their power;
alternatively, you may prefer to remain silent and let these ancient forces work in their own way.
You can also use this method for empowering amulets and lucky charms or St Christopher
medallions. St Christopher is patron saint and protector of all travelers.