Cooling Attraction

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Do you lust for someone who is already taken or absolutely
wrong for you? Are you suffering from unrequited love? Is
there someone you need to get over, so that you can move
on with your life? Do you have an unhealthy obsession with
someone? Are you finally ready to end a toxic relationship?
If that sounds like you, this spell can help.
You will need:
a poppet of yourself (This could be anything from a
sewn “voodoo doll” to a chess piece. Anything that
represents you, in your mind, will do nicely.
Something heart-shaped, to represent your heart,
would also make a good poppet for this spell. If the
attraction is more physical than emotional, you could
instead use something to represent your phallus or
vulva, as appropriate.)
a pen or marker that will write on the poppet
a cup of unsweetened lemon balm tea (Melissa
of icinalis)
a sealable plastic bag that is big enough to hold the
your freezer
Get into a magickal mood, and create sacred space around
the area where you will be working. If your attraction is to a
woman, inscribe the poppet with this female symbol: . If
your attraction is to a man, inscribe the poppet with this
male symbol: .
Make a cup of lemon balm tea. Be mindful, as you brew
the tea, that indifference—not hatred—is the opposite of
love. Do not add sweetener to the tea. Drink half of it, and
allow the other half to sit until it becomes lukewarm.
The Spell
Raise power. Hold the poppet in your projective hand.
Command it to “get real” about the person and about the
situation. Put the poppet into the plastic bag, and pour the
lukewarm tea over it. It isn’t a problem if this causes the ink
of the symbol to run.
Seal the bag, and put it into your freezer. Stick it out of the
way in a place where it will not be seen every time the freezer
is opened. Visualize your feelings for this person freezing
with the tea. Tell yourself that your feelings will not thaw so
long as the poppet is in the freezer. Repeat this assurance as
many times as needed until you are convinced the spell will
work, then ground the power that you raised.
Whenever you have any contact with this person, summon
the feeling of ice water into your veins as you deal with him
or her. You can also visualize ice crystals around your heart
or genitals, if you need to.
When the day arrives that you come across the poppet in
the freezer and can’t remember for a moment what it is or why
it’s there, it’s safe to assume that you are over that person
and can now dispose of the poppet.
Note: If you are so obsessed with someone that you have
begun stalking that person, or have become violent, you
need to get professional psychological help as well as
casting this spell.