Crossroads Uncrossing Spell

One woe doth tread upon another’s heel,
So fast they follow.
—WilliamShakespeare, Hamlet
Have you been having a hard time? Are things not going
your way lately? Do you seem to be thwarted at every turn?
Does everything in your life seem to be going wrong all at
once? Witches call such negative cycles “crossed
conditions.” These cycles tend to pass on their own in time,
but it’s natural to want to speed them on their way. Spells
such as this one can help to reverse a negative trend and
restore positive conditions to your life.
This spell can be cast at any time, but it is most powerful
on a Wednesday while the Moon is waning (the period
between Full Moon and New Moon—use a calendar to time
it). You will need:
a large purple candle with a flat bottom
a small black candle
a piece of thread or ribbon that is long enough to tie
nine times around the purple candle
a capful of ammonia, lemon-scented, if possible
a handful of sea salt (Ordinary salt may be
some black pepper
a dish or tray
a piece of black cloth that is large enough to wrap
the purple candle in
Identify nine aspects of your crossed condition. This might
include problems such as communication failures, bad luck,
bad timing, accidents, breakdowns, interruptions, ill health,
wasted time, lost items, and so on. Be thorough. If you
cannot identify nine aspects, things might not be as bad as
you thought, and you may not need a spell. If you have
more than nine aspects, group them together so that they
total nine. If you think you will have trouble remembering all
nine, make a list of them.
Next, identify a crossroad in your area. This must be a true
crossroad, where two thoroughfares intersect to forma
or an or one where three or more roads come together.
If you have more than one crossroad available to you,
choose the busiest one. You’re going to be leaving the
debris from your spell there, so consider traffic regulations
and local laws about littering when you plan this part of the
The Spell
Gather the spell materials. Get into a magickal mood, and
create sacred space around the area where you will be
working. Tie the thread or ribbon around the purple candle
nine times near its base. Make a knot each time that you tie
the thread, and name one of the aspects of your crossed
condition as you tie the knot. (If you run out of thread or
ribbon, get another piece and keep going.)
Light the black candle. Let it burn for a bit, then begin to
drip its wax onto the purple candle. Drip it so that the wax
forms crisscross patterns on the big candle to symbolize
your crossed condition. Be sure to drip wax over the knots
to seal them. When you’re done, extinguish the black candle,
and put it aside.
Place the tray or dish on your altar or other working
surface. Set the purple candle upright in the middle, then
pour the ammonia into the tray around its base. Working
widdershins, sprinkle first the sea salt and then the black
pepper around the candle. Use enough salt to absorb all of
the ammonia.
Raise power, then light the purple candle. Hold your arms
up and say:
By the power of the number nine,
A positive cycle will be mine!
Fulmination, culmination,
An end to thee __(crossed aspect #1)__!
Fulmination, culmination,
An end to thee __(crossed aspect #2)__!
Fulmination, culmination,
An end to thee __(crossed aspect #3)__!
Continue this way until you have named all nine aspects of
your crossed condition. Repeat this entire spell nine times
while the candle burns. (Do not allow the candle to burn
down too close to the ammonia-soaked salt, though, or you
may get more fulmination than you bargained for.) After nine
repetitions, say triumphantly:
Hard times are done
And good times begun.
By the power of the number nine,
A more positive cycle is mine!
Blow out the candle, to blow your crossed conditions away,
and ground the power that you raised. Make sure that the
candle is completely extinguished, then put all of the used
spell materials onto the black cloth. Wrap it tightly around
them, and take the bundle immediately to the crossroads.
Toss the bundle over your left shoulder, preferably in a
spot where it will be repeatedly run over. Leave the bundle
there, and do not look back at it. If it is easiest to toss it from
a car, that’s fine.
Your crossed conditions will begin to lift within nine days.