Deities- Conduct

Conduct With your own will, you may do as you wish. It’s a universal law. There may be a case for the argument that there is no such thing as someone who does not have the choice to do exactly what they want to do Although naturally there is such a thing as people choosing to limit others with their own freedom, for example, the prison system, laws, and workplace rules. Understand, though, that all actions have repercussions. Common sense should be used at all times. To predict what someone will do, place yourself in their situation and see what you would do. Act according to what the deity has gifted you, within your own boundaries. Because the deity is in all things, as you have suffered so have they, and as you make others suffer so have they suffered. In this fact the deities suffer twice as hard in every dilemma that arises. Do not make it a goal to harm the deity through others, because they are always safe in one item or another. They are safe in some stone at the bottom of the ocean, or in the very person causing the destruction they’ve caused. To have peace the deity must be at peace in you and all those around you. That’s how you protect the deity. No one is harsher on one’s self than them self, so too the deity judges themselves harshly. Trust in others as you trust in yourself and you will fear none. Trust others as you trust in yourself and you will fear all. Both your positive and negative actions have consequences. You will only see what you choose to see in others, in knowing this, choose to see the whole truth not just the bits you witness in others. In seeing everything you will find the deity and have mercy on them, and you will have had mercy on yourself as well. The deity is in you, and in your enemy as well. The deity expects nothing to be easy but they plan to overcome everything by being one with all things that move and exist. It is the deity’s humbleness that makes them the ruler of all. If you wish to rule and be one with the deity and enjoy all that life and death have to offer you must accept all things as they come. In being like the deity you will find peace in all things you live through, and all things you do not live through. Make yourself great and the deity will also be great and be known through you, and live as you do too. In being negative, and being around the negative,the deity will also know what it means to be negative and hold negativity and they will suffer as you suffer. They will not abandon you in your time of need. They can, but they simply do not. They do not harm anyone and hope that in setting their example of freedom for all, you yourself give freedom and feel great just as they do. We are our own worst enemies. If we all chose to be good and raise good people then we’d have so many less problems. The question is how to manage it. By being the very thing you want others to be, you pave the way for other’s to follow in your example just as the deity has set their example over you.