One of the easiest ways for people to interact with entities is to evoke the entity into a physical item. Usually, the physical containers of entities resemble the entities themselves. It is thought that as long as the physical container resembles the entity as much as possible, the entity “will feel encouraged to stay in its physical representation.

Using objects as the physical bodies of entities is very effective for magickal workings because it calls upon the instinctive and intuitive behaviours from our childhood. Children are born with the ability to give life to things. An example of this is the ability to give life to their toys; they are so good at this that they even have the ability to hear them speak. The way that a child creates an imaginary
friend is similar to the manner in which you would create an entity.

Using images as a focal point of entity communication is nothing new. Catholics pray to Saints, Jesus, Mary, etc. by using paintings, statues, and altars to aid their communication. This technique of working with entities has been used for thousands of years by many
different cultures.

Making a physical object have an entity live within it can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. The basic requirement to animate an object is to treat it as though it were already alive. Once this basic requirement has been understood, it can be dressed up as fancily as you would like, though you are not required to do so. Because of its ease, many people may not acknowledge their effectiveness.

The technique noted above is very similar to the way witches create familiars. Alchemists have used the technique to impregnate their formulas with entities. This technique has been able to remain “occult” (i.e., hidden or secret) due to its simplicity. It is a classic case of hiding something in plain sight. It has been disregard because of its simplicity, and thus remains a very effective and powerful occult technique.

What attracts entities to take up residence in physical objects is the sincerity and devotion of a person wishing to have such an entity. The person, of course, must have firm faith and belief in the presence of the entity. Ritual, to create an entity or otherwise, helps to express this sincerity and devotion. Rituals can also be used to confirm the person’s faith in the entity.

Entities respond very well to the idea of “like attracts like” (i.e., that the more two things resemble each other, the more likely they are to relate to one another). Having understood this, it becomes very important to carefully choose the symbols and characteristics of the physical object within which you wish your entity to reside.

Nearly anything can serve to house an entity. If you can identify it, it can be a suitable home for an entity, although some objects are better than others. Objects that are harmonious with the entity’s realm of influence are a better choice than those that are not.

The size of the entity’s home is not of great importance. What really matters is the shape, appearance, and the substance of the home. The object should be of a size that is convenient to work with. When selecting a suitable home for your entity, you have two choices. The first choice is to select a prefabricated object. This can range from statues of all shapes, sizes, and substances to pictures, paintings, candles, rocks, buildings, balloons, books, glasses, computers, animals, plants,talismans, dolls, telephones, crystals, or even a remittance envelope for your business bearing your entity’s programming symbol on it. The second option is to construct the housing using your knowledge of the entity’s personality, a realm of influence, and other occult virtues.

Whatever the object is, it must be one that is attractive to you. It must stir feelings of interest. If the housing seems lifeless or uninteresting, it will be a poor home for the entity. To be effective, the housing must have qualities that make you wan t to interact with it.

It is better to avoid objects that resemble a living or dead person that you know in any fashion or recognize. This will help you keep your work -with your entity as pure as possible. If such objects are used, you ma y confuse the energy of the person with that of the entity. This may cause ill effects on the person that the object resembles. Of course this does not apply if you are intentionally trying to create an entity that is to have a bond with the person represented by the object. Entity housing can be formed from just about anything.
The important thing to remember is to choose materials that will withstand wear, tear, and repeated handling for the life of the entity.

Some have entities that are housed within their voice, coming forth only when he says specific words, while others go into a more sight oriented manifestation, like paintings.

If you are artistic, you may -want to create the object yourself. By doing so, you are unconsciously forming the entity in your mind. This will serve to strengthen the bond between the entity and yourself. Also, in this way the object will resonate deep within your psyche and improve your workings with the entity.

When creating an object for the entity to live in, you may want to plan for a cavity in the object that will allow for you to deposit items vital to the entity. For example, you may want to place the entity’s task and programming symbol on a small scroll and place it inside the cavity. You
may want to have an area that you can place blood, semen, or other fluids during the ritual giving life to the entity.

There are many other reasons, if you choose to have one, for leaving a cavity in the entity’s housing. If you are constructing the entity’s housing, you may wish to incorporate a color, or colors, that correspond and are harmonious to the entity’s realm of influence. If you
are not sure which color or colors to use, choose something that is attractive and pleasing to you.

You may also wish to use astrological times when creating the entity’s housing. Magickal workings can be greatly influenced if they are used. On the other hand, it is not essential to use them either. As a matter of fact, the magickal working can be greatly simplified if they are not
used. It can be helpful, however, to do workings during the proper phase of the moon, and on days that are harmonious
with your magickal endeavour.

In ancient times people would use stones and crystals, with appropriate attributes, to bind an entity to a plant that had similar attributes to the entity’s realm of influence. As long as the plant and stones were harmonious with the entity, it would use the plant as a home while working with the person that bound it. The stones served to charge the plant with the energy of the entity and with its realm of influence. If you have a green thumb and a bit of ingenuity and creativity, you could do something similar.

Once an entity has been provided with a physical body, it tends to respond and perform better than a disembodied one. Also, an entity with a physical body tends to show more interest in human experience. Therefore, an embodied entity will actually want to help you in your efforts. This will provide the entity with the human experiences that it soon grows accustomed to.

Not all entities require housings. Short-term entities sometimes have a life span that is so short that a physical housing is not necessary. For those types of entities, it may be better to link (or “house”) them to aromas. The aroma could be inhaled during the creation and evocation of your entity. You may even wish to anoint a physical housing, if one is used, with the selected aroma. Remember to choose one that that is appealing to you and is harmonious with the entity’s realm of influence.

You may want to consider constructing a shrine for the entity. The entity’s housing serves as the “physical body” of the entity, while the shrine serves as the “house” of the entity. The shrine does not need to be detailed or elaborate. Again, the most important things to remember are to make sure that it is pleasing and attractive to you, and that it fits the personality of the entity and its realm of influence. You
may even wish to make your shrine “portable.” This will allow you to move it, or keep it out of sight.

Whenever you attempt to create an entity, the physical object in which it is to reside, or both, use personal judgment and intuition. There are many correspondences with specific meanings and uses in most, if not all, magickal systems.

Because of this, it may be difficult to decide which one to use. If you have a general idea of what the entity’s realm of influence is, this will help narrow down the choices that you have. In any rate, use your own mind to guide you and never act as a slave to any magickal system.