Imbolc is a gentle festival, where we honor the first signs of spring after a long winter.

It has long been dedicated to the goddess Brighid who has associations with fire and water.

Allow this time of year to fill your soul, the air is still cold but the warmth of the light from the strengthening sun inspires you to go out into the worlds (this world and the Otherworld) and do the work that you have to do.

You can light a candle to dedicate yourself at this time to your work, having spent the winter months thinking long and deeply about it.

Now is the time to state your intention clearly.

You can carve words or symbols into the candle that represent your work, and strew herbs around it to lend their energies.

As you light the candle, state your intention clearly, calling upon the ancestors and the Fair Folk, the gods and goddesses to bear witness.

This is not an oath to be made lightly.

Meditate upon the candle’s flame for as long as you wish. Then take a bowl of spring water and anoint yourself with it.

You can draw the shape of a crescent moon upon your brow with the water, or place any other symbols which have meaning to you upon your

It is also a good time for healing work, and anointing yourself with sacred water on areas of your body that need healing can kick-start
the process (as well as following good medical and spiritual advice).