Making a Magickal Candle Garden

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You will need:

candles for each magickal goal, in appropriate sizes,
shapes, scents, and colors (Use large candles for
long-term goals that you will be working toward for
some time, and smaller candles for short-term
a tray, mirror, dish, bowl, tile, or other fire-safe
container or surface in or on which to construct the
an altar candle, preferably a simple white taper
Optional: herbs, charms, crystals, images, or other
items that you feel enhance the magick or
appearance of your garden
Optional: oil for dressing the candles
Optional: incense, to burn when you light the
Charging the Candles
Once you have selected the candles for your garden, you
must charge them. Consider your garden’s purpose. Is it
meant to encourage or to halt? What kind of energy is it
meant to send? The magick of your garden will be strongest
if the energy of all the candles is flowing in like manner.
Assess your purpose in charging each candle, and word the
charge accordingly. For example, it might be better to charge
a candle to support your efforts to find a job, rather than
charging it to end your financial problems; or to charge a
candle to help end someone’s loneliness, rather than to help
themfind love.
Once you have determined the wording, charge the
candles. There are many ways to do this, but here is a simple
one. Assemble all the components for your garden. Get into
a magickal mood, and create sacred space around the area
where you will be working. Place the altar candle in the
empty garden, light it, and raise power.
Take the first garden candle, and hold it in both hands.
Focus for a moment on that candle’s purpose, then name it
aloud. Concentrate on transferring magickal energy from
your hands to the candle. (If you are using oil, rub the
candle with it while you do this.) Hold the candle by its wick,
place it upright in the garden, and say,
This candle will glow, and its magick will grow.
This candle will glow, and its magick will flow.
Continue this procedure until all of the candles have been
charged and placed in the garden. Arrange them in whatever
way seems most magickal and attractive to you. If you are
incorporating charms, stones, statues, or other items with
your garden, add themnow.
When you like the way the garden looks, hold your hands
over the candles. Concentrate on the garden’s purpose and
magickal objectives. Focus that intent into your hands, then
transmit it to the candles. Say:
This garden is dedicated to the Lord and the Lady.
It will create change, but never cause harm.
When you feel that the candles are sufficiently charged,
extinguish the altar candle. You can then ground the power
that you raised, or you can activate the garden for the first
time, and ground power afterwards.
Activating the Magick of a Candle Garden
When you want to release your garden’s magick, get into a
magickal mood, and focus on its intent. Create sacred space
around it, and raise power. Light the altar candle, then use it
to light the garden candles. As you light each one, name its
purpose aloud.
Once all the candles are burning, stand back a bit and
regard your garden. Visualize magickal energy shooting from
each candle toward its goal. Focus on the changes your
garden is meant to bring about, visualizing them as already
accomplished. Raise your arms, and say in a strong, clear
The magick is unpent and sent.
Allow the candles to continue burning for as long as feels
necessary to you, then extinguish them. (Many witches feel
that to blow out a candle is to extinguish its magick or to
undo the spell. If you feel this way, you should use a candle
snuffer for your garden. Some witches believe that candles
should always be extinguished in reverse order to that in
which they were lit. If this resonates with you, do it.) Ground
the power that you raised, and have something to drink.
The magickal potency of your garden will be increased if
you make a small ritual of its activation. You can do this in
whatever way you like, such as by wearing the same ritual
clothes or mask each time, by playing the same music,
burning the same incense, using the same ritual movements
or hand gestures, and so on.
Maintaining the Garden
As with a real garden, you will need to tend this one on a
regular basis. Instead of watering and pulling weeds, you’ll
need to trim candles, scrape up wax, and remove or replace
candles as needed. You will remove a candle when its goal is
reached and its work is done. You will replace a candle when
it is spent, but its objective has not yet manifested. You will
add a new candle whenever you want to incorporate an
additional magickal objective into the garden.
Charge all new candles before you add them to the
garden. If you consider this maintenance a sacred task, your
garden’s magick will flourish.