Visualization is critical to any magickal practice.

It is the art of seeing with your mind’s eye, the results you wish to manifest when your work is completed.

So how do we achieve that?

With practice and focus.

The previous exercises were meant to teach you how to quiet your mind and pull your energy back unto yourself while drawing from the balancing and stabilizing energies of the earth itself.

What we’re going to try here is to maximize your visualization capabilities to manifest the best possible outcome to whatever situation you’re expending your energies for.

We’ll start out with grounding and centering using the exercises you learned earlier.

Next, spend about five minutes with quiet meditation, just finding your inner peace.

Concentrate on your breathing and how your body feels. Once your mind is quiet and focused and your body is relaxed, close your eyes if they aren’t already.

We’ll start with something simple.

Picture in your mind a rose.

Choose whatever color appeals to you.

This rose is young, just a tight bud.

With your mind, picture this bud opening up slowly.

Notice how it moves, the shape of the petals, of the leaves.

Look closer.

Notice the texture of each petal, and the vibrancy of the hues.

Is this rose dry or are there little droplets of dew on the petals?

Take it further.

Sniff the rose.

Is it strong or lightly fragranced?

Feel the rose with your mind.

The firm stem.

Does it have any thorns still attached to it?

What is the texture of the leaves, the petals?

Feel the coarseness of the leaves, and the soft butteriness of the petals.

If your rose had dew, feel the moisture on your fingertips.

Spend as much time exploring your rose as you wish.

Once you’re finished, allow the rose to close back up into its bud.

In your mind, plant it into the rich and fertile ground, with its roots digging right into the fabric of the universe, where it will draw wisdom and grace up unto itself.

Spend another five minutes in quiet contemplation of your experience before slowly bringing your awareness back to the now.

Take several deep breaths and open your eyes.

Record your experience in your BOS or meditation journal.