Pagan Craft

Witches Good Luck Sachet

Supplies needed:

1)small bag or panty hose…

2)vanilla incense


4)items to go into sachet. Here are some items for good luck.

Acorns, jade, four leaf clovers, parsley, cloves, gold, silver, copper, hickory nuts, rabbits foot, red hair, Image’s of rainbows..

5)sea salt

6)matches or lighter


A) Sitting by your altar light the frankincense and in a complete circle clockwise direction walk with your incense to create sacred space.

Smudge yourself and all your supplies you have chosen for the spell.

B)Now sprinkle sea salt in the same manner. Remember to use visualization and it only takes a little sea salt.

C) light your vanilla incense.

Smudge all your supplies including yourself.

D)Sitting in front of your altar add the supplies you have chosen for your sachet. I personally like using at least 3 items. I would use acorn, cloves, four leaf clover.

E)As you tie the sachet up visualize good luck energy in the colors of the rainbow going into the sachet.

See yourself laughing and smiling cause you feel the good luck racing thru your body.

Feel the powerful energy coming from above and below racing through all 7 chakras and out your hands as you hold them over your sachet empowering it with good luck.

F)Tap with your wand and say,

“So Mote It Be”!

G)Leave the Sachet on your altar.

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