Spells are cast by constructing a spell box, which are enclosed altars or tableaux.
In general, a spell box is filled with power items necessary to achieve a goal, although you should follow directions given for specific spells.
It may be a cumulative spell done in increments: items are gathered one by one and added to enhance the power of the box.
Sometimes a special box lends itself to a magical or spiritual goal. The box itself can become an intrinsic part of the spell.
Attach and incorporate the power items to the box itself, such as charms, beads, shells and feathers.
Paint images on the outside or inside of the box to correspond with the spells goals.
Embellish with sigils or other symbols using magic ink, henna or other natural dyes.
Protection Box
You will need:
heather,sage, pine or cedar incense
a box
white wrapping paper
a sprig of rue
a holly leaf
a tiger’s eye bead
a piece of dragons blood resin
Scotch tape
a pen with red ink
Light a stick of heather, sage, pine or cedar incense.
Hold the box over the smoking incense to thoroughly saturate it with the scent.
Hold the herbs, bead, and resin in your hands.
Charge them with energy, focusing on protection and safety for all who dwell within your household.
Visualize a web of protective light encasing your home.
Then put the ingredients into the box and close the lid.
With the pen, draw protection runes on the box, and wrap it in the white wrapping paper.
Hold over the smoking incense again and say:
Amidst the Autumn’s darkest nights
Our home be bound by brilliant light
A web of hope and joy and peace
Be woven now, all danger cease
By watchful eye, by lock and key,
Protect our home, so mote it be.