Past Lives: Children’s past-life memories

A hospital pharmacist once told me that when she was four years old, her family took her to a museum exhibition. There she saw a display of mummies from ancient Egypt.

‘It made me so angry,’ she said. ‘They’d been moved from their sacred places. It was all wrong to show them like this.’

As she grew up she forgot about that incident. Then one day, just out of curiosity, she came for a past-life regression. It brought back her childhood reaction to the museum exhibition – and made it clear why she’d been so angry. In ancient Egypt she’d been a priest, in charge of mummification rituals. This was a highly important and holy task. The Egyptians believed it made a major difference to the afterlife of the departed spirit.

In that life she’d done a lot of research into the healing power of animal secretions. This was potent knowledge, which she said is now sadly lost to the world.

She realized that this was why she’d chosen pharmacy as a career. In her clinical white coat she was continuing the sacred work of an ancient Egyptian priest. It’s not unusual that her strongest inkling about that past life came to her at the age of four. Through the breakthrough research of the Canadian-American Psychiatrist Professor Ian Stevenson, who carried out extensive studies about reincarnation, we know that children often can be in touch with their past lives.