Past Lives: Clothes

Often, we have favorite outfits and items of clothing that we like precisely because they unconsciously take us back to how we once were in an earlier life. For example, Gayle always had a kimono-style dressing gown. It was only years later she discovered that this was because she’d had a happy past life in Japan as the beloved wife of a wealthy man.

Similarly, Patti recalled life as a Quaker in the early days of America. She told me that some time ago she’d bought an antique dress from Dutch Pennsylvania. It made her feel strangely nostalgic. After the regression, she understood why – it was exactly like the kind of dress she used to wear in that life.

In contrast, Alana loved formal ceremonial dress. In her regression she discovered a past life in an oriental court, and later as a Renaissance princess. In those lives she loved the clothes – but learned to distrust large groups of people. She said this explains why she has never felt at ease when she’s with more than a few people at a time.

And Jake realized that he loved wearing moccasins because they were a subliminal reminder of the magical things he’d learned during a Native American life.