Past Lives: Forgiving England

A Dutch woman, Anneke, came for a regression to get to the bottom of her problems with her Anglophobia. She said at school she’d hated her English lessons and all her English teachers.

Then, in one of life’s little ironies, she ended up marrying an English teacher. On top of that, he was an Anglophile – in love with all things English. Her son felt the same way. But she stubbornly refused even to speak English with them. After years of this stalemate, she decided it was time to sort it out. While on holiday in England with her family, she came for a regression to get to the bottom of this issue.

She found that she’d been a Roman Catholic priest when Henry VIII made his break with the Vatican. He disbanded all the Catholic monasteries and grabbed their assets. Almost overnight it became dangerous to be a Catholic in England. In that life Anneke tried to protest against this – and was killed for it. The fury she felt about this had gnawed away at her ever since. After that life she refused to incarnate in England again and chose to live in Europe instead.

After the regression, she realized that she’d been keeping her anger burning about something that was now irrelevant to her. She decided that it was time to end her self-imposed exile, and become friends with England again.