Often standing for something significant from a former life, jewellery can represent past-life status, special qualifications or important triumphs. Take Leila, who loved wearing a chunky brass necklace that she’d picked up on a tropical holiday. One night she had a dream that explained why she liked it so much. She was leading a religious ceremony somewhere in South America – and wearing an almost identical necklace. Whenever she looked at pictures of ancient Incan artefacts, she said a cold shiver of recognition ran down her spine.She realized that she’d been wearing that brass necklace to remind herself that she’d once been a high priestess there.

Brooches may be the echoes of medals or badges of honour from earlier lives. Hilary had a strange little brooch in the shape of a scimitar. As soon as she spotted it on a market stall, she knew she had to have it. When she came for a regression, she found out why it was so important to her.

She recalled a life as a young man in the Middle East, hundreds of years ago. Devoted to his spiritual path, he joined a secret esoteric school. He advanced steadily through all its stages of initiation. When he reached the highest level, he was given a jewelled scimitar as a sign of high attainment. Hilary’s little brooch was a reminder of this achievement.

Rings often stand for commitment and responsibility. Tina had worn a moonstone ring for as long as she could remember. One day I asked her why it was important to her. She held the ring in the palm of her left hand with her eyes closed for a few minutes. Afterwards she said it represents her past-life commitment to ‘the moon path’ – the study of secret wisdom and magic. She realized that wearing the ring now was a sign of her continued dedication to that path.

Do you have an item of jewellery that feels especially meaningful to you? Like Tina, you can find out more about it by holding it in your hand, closing your eyes and seeing it in your mind’s eye.

As you do so, information or scenes from a past life may start to come up. If it doesn’t work at first, don’t be discouraged. These abilities are inborn in all of us and it just takes practice to start using them.