In a way, all our outfits are a form of fancy dress. We put them together to show the world who we are and how we wish to be seen. Even if we aren’t fully aware of it, this can also include elements of who we were in other lives.

One of my clients regressed back to a life in a monastery. Afterwards he mused that he now knew why he always went to fancy-dress parties dressed as a monk. It was because it felt normal and comfortable for him to dress that way.

Another client, Margot, went back to a life as a wealthy man in the sixteenth century. He’d fallen in love with a serving girl. The rigid social codes of the time meant that they could never marry. Whenever he went to visit her, he wore a suit of deep red velvet – perhaps as an expression of his love for her. After the regression, Margot told me that a few months previously she’d chosen a costume for her husband to wear to a fancy-dress party. She’d dressed him in a suit of red velvet. After her regression she realized that it was just like the one she used to wear in that past life.