In a past life, Andy was an escaping prisoner of war. He was trying to make his way back from Germany to England. Unfortunately, he was caught and shot while still halfway across Europe.

In this lifetime Andy was able to complete that journey. The chance came up for him to travel across Europe back to England. Although it wasn’t as dangerous as his past-life journey, it was still tricky enough to make him nervous.

‘It had its challenges,’ he said. ‘But I was much jumpier than this trip warranted. It was only when I got on the ferry back to England that the fear began to ebb away. And when I saw the white cliffs of Dover, I was overjoyed. ‘At the time, I didn’t know why that journey had such a big effect on me. But now that I’ve had a regression, I can understand it. I was completing my escape from during the war. That’s why it felt so good.’