Past Lives: The mysterious boat journey

In her regression Alicia discovered a past life in Scotland. She was a Stuart supporter – on the side of Bonnie Prince Charlie and his doomed claim to the throne. The memory began with her standing on a quay, watching a battle. She felt utterly helpless.

When she went home she found that her house had burned down and her children were dead. And more attacks were on the way. She was bundled into a boat with the other survivors, to get away as fast as possible. They all went and hid on an offshore island.

She said it felt so wrong to leave her dead children behind like that. The grief and guilt she felt at the time were at their worst during the boat journey to the island.

In the second part of the regression, her spirit guide explained how the real purpose of her recent trip to Scotland had been to heal that memory. While there, she’d taken a boat trip from the mainland to an island. The little excursion brought up strong feelings in her, both joyful and anxious.

Her guide said the reason she’d been drawn to do that boat journey again was to heal the old pain. He said that she hadn’t needed to feel guilty at the time and she could let it go completely now.

Sometimes we may need to heal the effects of banishment, exile or a sad migration. When we have to leave a homeland we loved, we often whisper a promise to ourselves that one day we will return. When we do so, even if it’s lifetimes later, it brings us deep emotional healing.

This process can sometimes take strange twists and turns.