Ancient philosophies have always said that the outer world reflects what’s within us. It’s like a mirror to our deeper selves. It shows us things about ourselves that we’re not conscious of. This includes past-life information. So the outer way is about spotting the external clues to past lives that are around us all the time. In The Elixir and the Stone, authors Baigent and Leigh said ‘We are beginning to make vital and dynamic connections between our internal and external lives which would have been unthinkable some 35 to 40 years ago.’ The main ways our past lives show up in the outer world are: Relationships that are often the continuation of stories that have been unfolding for several lifetimes. Past-life talents, skills or abilities that seem to have come from nowhere. Past-life effects that our bodies carry, such as birth-marks, posture, mannerisms, weaknesses, strengths and health issues. Past-life mementoes in our lifestyle, décor, possessions and clothes. External triggers such as books, pictures, music, movies, tastes or smells, which can all help to wake up past-life memories. Visits to special places, such as a stone circle, a castle or an ancient temple, which may trigger vivid memories of past-life experiences there. Once you know where to look, you’ll see them everywhere. A new adventure of discovery will open up for you – without having to go beyond your own doorstep.