Past Lives: The past-life clues of childhood

Past-life memories usually start coming up between the ages of two and four and fade between the ages of five and eight.

When children are in touch with a past-life memory:

1. They seem more adult and talk in a more mature way.
2. They speak about the memory in a matter-of-fact way.
3. Their recalled experiences stay the same whenever they retell them.
4. Some memories may be very vivid – especially if they’re the cause of a current fear or phobia.
5. There may be birthmarks or deformities that relate to a past-life experience.
6. The child has traits, interests and preferences that don’t seem to come from their current family.
7. They may have an inexplicable like or dislike of another country or culture.
8. They show signs of having skills or knowledge that they haven’t learned in their current life.