Past Lives: The yurt

Even a little nightlight can have a big tale to tell. Glenda told me that she found it hard to sleep without its red glow switched on. One night she had insomnia, so she decided to gaze at the nightlight to help her drop off.

‘I started drifting but was still partly awake. And I found myself in a big round tent – I think it’s called a yurt. The nightlight turned into the embers of the fire in the centre. I was lying on a pile of soft animal skins. It was so warm and comfortable. Other members of my family were also there, sleeping around the edges of the tent.

‘It felt as if we were in some cold, northern country. I fell asleep gazing at the red glow of the fire. Some dreams came then. It looked like we were in Lapland. We wore Lapp-type colourful, patterned clothes, and had snow sleds. I think we herded reindeer. So now I know why I always wanted the night light on. It reminded me of those cosy nights in the yurt.’

Do you have anything that hints of another time or place? When you look at your possessions with new eyes, you can make some surprising discoveries. Your everyday surroundings can become the door to some of your best and most empowering past-life memories.