Prosperity Spell For Beginners

Did you know that you can use a white candle for any spell?

White is known as pure and its also the absence of color therefore making it a neutral color.Also purity!

Its great for Beginners,because it leaves room for stronger visualization.There is less to go wrong because there is less props/ingredients!

Here is an example of a perfect beginner prosperity spell for a beginner!

Later you can add symbols/props/more oils/incense/and a written spell!

Supplies Needed as follows:

1.White Taper Candle.

2.Matches or lighter.

3.High John oil.(Which is cinnamon based)(Cinnamon oil would also be perfect)It represents protection!

4.Vanilla and Frankincense (Incense)!

5.Wand(Or Stick)!

A.)Create sacred space with the frankincense by lighting it and completing a trip around the room clockwise until you make a complete circle.Also smudge yourself with the Frankincense.

B.)Carve a pentagram on the white candle while visualizing your intent(Money)(Prosperity)!

C.)Anoint the White candle with the High John or Cinnamon Oil while keeping the same visualization!

D.)Now hold the candle and visualize White Energy going into the candle until you can feel the tingle within your hands.See that the candle is loaded and ready to light!

E.)Light the Candle and meditate into the flame,Visualize your success and confidence as you receive your money.Know that the Spell has worked even before you have sent it out into the Astral Planes!

F.)Let the energy build and build as the candle gets low.Once you can feel the energy circulating in the room (The Cone Of Power) the spell is ready to be sent out into the Astral Planes(Earth Plane in A Money Spell).Get your wand and make any motion you desire and Zap the Energy out of your sacred space and into the Earth Plane!This sends your spell well on its way!