Rite of Thunder

Arrange the white candle, the bowl of aromatic herbs, and your magick key on your altar near the black and white plate project from last night.

This particular rite is mostly mental, so relax and take several deep breaths before beginning.

Prepare the thunder sound effects you will use shortly.

Check the closet light to be sure the batteries are working properly.

We will start with the light turned off.

Begin playing this recording. On the white candle, inscribe the word thunder with a pin, nail, or clay-inscribing tool, or draw the figure-eight symbol.

Ring your magick bell in accordance with your magickal number, then ring the bell again, slowly, eight more times.

Light the candle, and intone the following charm eight times: The boom of roiling thunder reminds me of the sound Of power at my fingertips to bring the energy down! Drums beat out the chant of magick in the air Thunder tells of cause/effect-that what I do is there! Thank you!

It always works. Always a blessing! Smile.

On the notecard, write down eight qualities you would like in your life, or eight items, or a mix of both, or use what you wrote on the back of your affirmation card last night-your choice because the changes we are making in your life are tailored specifically for you.

And, once we produce the lightning of the thought, then the thunder of manifestation will follow.

For example, you might write as your eight choices:

As you can see, I mixed up qualities and items-the order doesn’t matter.

Place the closet light where you can easily reach it.

Settle back and close your eyes, keeping your list close by for reference if you need it.

Listen to the sound of the thunder.

Visualize that each rolling rumble represents the manifestation of one of the items on your list.

Smile. See yourself happy with this desire. Repeat the words (for example, “happiness” to match the sound of the thunder).

Let this thought go.

Immediately reach forward and turn on the light, saying: “Done! Thank you!”

Squeeze the herbs in the bowl to release a pleasant aroma.

Smile again.

Take a deep breath.

Turn off the light, and go to the next item on your list.

Do this same procedure for all your desires written on the notecard.

Ring your magick bell eight times, slowly, allowing each note to fluidly extinguish.

When you are through, leave the light burning for the next twenty-four hours.

Allow the candle to burn completely if you can.

Bury the cold candle end and the used herbs on your property.

Copy your sigil for thunder in your Hedge Witch notebook.

Remove the ash/walnuts from between the plates.

Put the leaves/walnuts, the notecard, and the lock of your hair in a small bag.

You can carry this with you, or you may wish to burn it outside.

Be sure to say thank you.

You might wish to wash the plates to use them again.

Finally, before you go to bed, draw an imaginary figure eight in the air over your altar to seal your work.

Softly say thank you, and smile. Before you drift off to sleep, close this evening by saying:

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within. It always works. Always a blessing