Before you start using new tools, it’s a good idea to
cleanse and bless them or dedicate them to their intended
purpose. This ritual calls for a candle and incense that will
be used for your future self-care journaling sessions as
well as this initial blessing. Why not start using a new pen
as well? Keep it just for use with your self-care journal.
What You Need:
♦ Candle in a color you associate with clarity and selfreflection (some suggestions: white, pale blue, pale
yellow) and a candleholder
♦ Incense of your choice (suggestions: sandalwood,
frankincense, lavender, jasmine) and a censer
♦ Matches or lighter
♦ New notebook
♦ Pen
♦ Markers, stickers, washi tape, and so on (optional; see
What to Do:
1. Center and ground.
2. Light the candle and the incense. Sit or stand in a
relaxed way, eyes closed, and let yourself be in the
moment for a minute or so.
3. Pick up the notebook and pass it over the candle, then
through the incense, saying, “I cleanse you of negative
energy.” Repeat with the pen.
4. Hold the book and close your eyes. Take a few slow
breaths. Say:
May this book encourage me to value myself,
To care for myself as I deserve,
And to celebrate myself.
It is my friend and my support. May it be so!
5. Write this (or a blessing of your own creation) on the
first page of the journal. Decorate it as you like with
markers, stickers, washi tape…whatever makes you feel
warm and happy when you look at it.
♦ You can use a series of small candles or you can
dedicate a large pillar candle to your journaling
sessions. If you do the latter, you can pierce holes in the
top of the candle and carefully drip essential oil into
them or load it with powdered herbs to add their
energies to the experience.
♦ If you’re using stick incense, you don’t have to let a
whole stick burn every time you light it. If you’re
finished before the incense stick is, just tamp it out
gently in the censer and slip it back in the packet for
next time. Or break one in half and use only one half at a
time. Experiment and see what works for you.