Spell Work (( Thinking))

Thinking and rational perception come from the left side of the brain and are usually the first part of the spell casting process; we contemplate the rational elements of our spell.

When trying to create change through magic, it may be best to get a clear mental idea of what you want to happen, the end result of your spell: your goal.

As a general rule, do not envision the process of attaining this goal.

Don’t focus on how something should happen.

Focus only on the end result.

If you get too caught up in the process, you slow down the achievement of your goals and alter your success.

A secret to successful magic is to have clear intention.

This intention should be simultaneously general and specific.

What  this means  is that you need to have a specific type of goal in mind, such as  “I want the correct love in my life,” while still keeping the overall details of the goal general, as opposed to “I want such and such a person to fall in love with me.”

You can make a list of attributes, you would like the proper love (in this case) to possess and focus on those specific qualities without naming a specific person, but be aware that this would somewhat slow the process.

The more conditions you place on a spell, the longer it takes to manifest.

It is best to keep your mind focused on your goal and that the goal itself be as general as possible while still meeting your specific need.

Properly focusing our thoughts is only the first step in the process of creating the correct magical mindset.

The next step is to take time to examine your emotions regarding the magical goal.

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