Spirituality in Hearthcraft

Nurturing the spiritual elements of the home can be key to the path of a herth based house witch. The answer to how you can do this depends on how you define your spirituality.

Attempting to define spirituality can at times be challenging, frustrating and faith-testing. It may be the case that when you recognize something as spiritual, you acknowledge that something about it moves you or touches you deeply in a very specific way, evoking feelings that may be indefinable.

Once you have started to realize what kind of things you find spiritual or what kind of events or actions evoke that response within yourself, then you may have some idea of there to focus on your practice of home-based spirituality. This may include how to identify with everyday activities that can support you as a spiritual person. With all this, you may be able to begin to recognize and reinforce your commitment to making the home a spiritual place. One way of doing the above is to use certain moments and activities as an opportunity to think about things that are important to you as a person.

Maintaining healthy spirituality means keeping yourself focussed, relaxed when practising something. I may also mean keeping the lines of communication open between you and something greater than you. The term practice is often used to describe what one does with respect to a spiritual path. It also can mean physically or intentionally acting on a theory associated with the path. By actively seeking out or defining spiritual activity  you create an opportunity to develop a deeper connection with the world around you