Chickweed (Stellaria media) – aerial parts
• skin soother, with cooling, drawing action when applied to bites,
stings and rashes (can be used straight from picking or crushed
first), helps to clear eczema, rheumatic joint conditions and
varicose veins
• soothes internal organs as well due to high level of saponins,
which help organ membranes to absorb nutrients better – used for
gastritis, colitis, congested chest, blocked kidneys and gallbladder,
lungs, sore throats and bronchitis
• excellent spring tonic – high levels of vitamin A and C, as well as
iron, copper, calcium and magnesium – juice or eat fresh in salads
• slimming aid – stimulates urine, high saponin levels help to
dissolve fat
Used as tea, eaten fresh in salads or pesto, as a bath oil or vinegar,
applied to rashes, stings and bites.