Hawthorn (Crataegus oxycanthus) – leaf, blossom and berry
• Hawthorn is a good heart tonic, beta blocker, protects the heart
muscle, prevents heart attacks, is a vaso-dilator (peripheral), helps
promote sleep and is the best herb for blood circulation
• regulates low blood pressure, steadies the heartbeat and lowers
cholesterol. It contains chemical compounds that keep blood
vessels open, and it vital where vessels lack tone and are inert due
to fatty or calcium deposits
• lessens pain in the heart and adjacent areas, re-elasticates blood
vessel walls (through rutin), rebuilds collagen fibres in outer layers
of vessels and is a powerful anti-oxidant, as well as being rich in
vitamin C
• reduces inflammation, relaxes the smooth muscles of the uterus,
intestines and other areas to relieve congestion and reduces water
retention (bloating before period)
• also aids digestion and eases sore throats
This herb is to be used as a tea, syrup (berries) and as a tincture.
*Not to be used with other beta-blockers or heart drugs/herbs. Please
consult a qualified herbalist if on heart/blood pressure medication of
any kind.