Moon Magick


While these discoveries definitely did much to increase crop and animal yields something that the early peoples relied upon for survival-the Moon was just
beginning to reveal Her mysteries, and it wasn’t long before something of equal
importance came to light. Simply put, the Moon proved to be a fairly accurate
predictor of the weather. Since scientific theory hadn’t come into play yet, this
must have seemed more than just a little remarkable to early humankind. In fact,
it’s a safe bet that they thought it was real magic in the making.
While it’s difficult to differentiate between exactly what ancient
civilizations learned about lunar weather forecasts and what came several
centuries later, one thing is for sure: the Moon has long served as one of the most
definitive tools of weather prediction, and still does today. It’s a well-known fact,
for example, that more tornadoes and hurricanes occur during the periods of
New and Full Moon than at any other time. It’s also common knowledge that it
tends to rain more often during both the Moon’s first quarter and the Waning
Moon’s first week.
If weather prediction piques your interest, just pay a little attention to the
Moon and the symbols that surround Her. With some keen observation and a bit
of practice, you can learn to outdo even your favorite television meteorologist.
The weather-related Moon adages below will get you started.
,t Pale Moon doth rain, red Moon cloth blow, white Moon doth neither rain nor
,t When Full Moon’s shadow fills the Crescent, fair weather comes to king and
When a circle appears around the Moon, snow or raindrops will fall soon.
,t Should a ring around the New Moon be, expect disasters out at sea.
,t Should a red Moon rise with large clouds nearby, a half-day brings rain from
the sky.’
,t If October’s Full Moon brings no frost, none comes till the next Full Moon is
The closer New Moon’s arrival to Christmas Day, the longer the Winter stays to
* When the Crescent bears sharp pointed horns, a tempest of the winds is born;
but should the horns be blunt and dull, fair weather stays at least till Full.

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