Timing for your Spells

Casting spells in accordance with Moon phases increases
their potency. To do this you can observe the skies every
night, as our remote ancestors did, or you can get a calendar
that has the Moon phases on it. (Most of us opt for the
calendar.) Full Moon is when the Moon can be seen as a
complete circle. Waning Moon means the period between
Full Moon and New Moon, when the Moon appears to be
growing smaller. Waxing Moon is the period between New
Moon and Full Moon, when the Moon appears to be
growing larger.
Astrological timing is also used to increase the power of
spells. Look to almanacs, especially magickal and
astrological almanacs, for information about which planets
the Sun and Moon are in at any given time. The days of the
week have magickal correspondences as well, such as Sunday for solar power, so that is reflected in some of the spells
given here.
As you work with magick it becomes more and more clear
that everything truly is connected. Energy may be invisible,
but it is still perceivable. If you are attentive when you hold
stones or work with herbs, you will notice that different
kinds have different vibrations. If you are cognizant of lunar
phases or the positions of planets you will notice their effect
on you, on others, and on current events. If you pay close
attention to such things, you learn to appreciate the subtle
energies that flow through and around us. Spells are tools
for influencing these energies to effect desired results

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