Witchcraft Theory & Practice – Personal Power

Personal power is a natural growth process that develops as a result of the
life you live in the way of the witch. Others will notice you even when you do
not desire to be noticed;״ therefore, personal power is the ability to
disappear when you want to and appear when you want to. It is not an
egoistical phenomenon! It is an energy (akin to magnetism), a presence
about oneself that will require a firm rein for the first few years. It will
emanate from your physical body like a field phenomenon. This field is
neither a conscious, nor consciously acquired, function, and you are to
know and understand this. Posturing and arrogance are its illusory
counterparts. Personal powr
er should not be treated as such (that will be the
ego seeking to manipulate a natural force and that is both ugly and
Personal powr
er is a direct result of accessing the lifescape of magic and of
living within its field. If you allow yourself to become glamoured” by it, in
either yourself or anyone else, you disrupt the w
eb of the w
0rlds and the
places of powr
er will withdraw, oh, even just a little, from the access of those
who seek to live within their winder.
Personal powr
er is an accumulation of awareness, preparation, intent, and
your ability to focus, all through the vessel of the self.