Witchcraft Theory & Practice – The Disciplines

Hallowed Be Thy Name
Hailed, and walled, with garnet and with topaz
The Temples of my Family!
Deep in scarlet velvet and in black
Come lay with me . . .
Entwine and sweat and softly moan before the Fire;
Beneath the Veil of candles
Lit to show the Way
But slightly, darkly . . .
Unto the music of ghosts;
Unto the ringing of bells within the Shrine . . .
All-hallowed in the rapture
Of the Legend of the Vine
Saved from bleak mortality
By drinking from the Chalice
Of the twice-born; blood turned wine.
… and so the Light and Dark were joined for a while; just long enough for
each of Them to remember that their purpose was not to hate each other,
nor disdain each the other … but to love each of the other simply because
they were not each other.
Somehow it all got so messed up, so complicated, so confusing; they were
never meant to be enemies … whatever gave us that idea?