Witches Pentacle

The pentacle is an important symbol-bearer in Witchcraft, normally inscribed with a pentagram, though other magical symbols may be present.

The pentagram itself is a five-pointed star, drawn with five straight lines, often encircled, and always having one upward point.

Each point is said to represent the elements of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, with the Fifth Element (Spirit) as the upward point.

As a symbol, it is found in both ancient Eastern and Western cultures and has been used to represent various aspects of human and spiritual concerns.

The pentagram is considered to have inherent magical powers and is often inscribed on objects as well as in the air during rituals, to add strength to the work.

It is also considered a sign of protection from negative or harmful energies.

As a bearer of this Earth-related symbol, the pentacle is used to consecrate other tools and objects used in ritual.

Usually a flat, round piece of wood, clay, wax, or silver, it can be any size, though generally is small enough to fit comfortably on the altar with the other tools.

The pentacle may be ornately carved and/or set with semiprecious gemstones, or maybe a simple design.

Witches may also wear a pentacle on a cord or chain during a ritual, or even as part of their daily dress, though they may or may not choose to wear it publicly.