Your past lives are not dead and gone

Your past lives are not dead and gone. They are a living part of your greater identity. Just knowing this can change your life. You see reality in a new, expanded way; you no longer fear death; and you understand so much more about yourself, your relationships, and your current life.

Even before you know about them, your past lives are a strong influence in your life. This influence is usually positive – but sometimes it can also be negative.

The golden key that heals those bad effects is finding out about the past life when the problem began. Past-life therapy has shown beyond doubt that this can resolve an amazingly wide range of issues.

As you get to know about your past lives, you’ll also be bringing in all their positive effects. Your past selves have great gifts for you – the many prizes you won through experiences and tests that you passed along your soul path. It’s invaluable to know about this positive side of your history as well.