Beauty Spell

Beauty isn’t in the eye of the beholder, it’s a reflection of our feelings about ourselves.

When we dwell on our “defects” (no human body is perfect), we lessen our inward and outward beauty.

This ritual is designed to increase our good feelings for ourselves, which is reflected in the image we present to others.

Thus, it increases beauty.

This is a simple rite.

Hold five pennies in your projective hand.

Visualize yourself as a beautiful person.

Don’t see yourself as your favorite movie stars, who have make-up artists, lighting directors, and cinematographers to assist them.

Visualize yourself as a loving, open person radiating beauty.

Pour this image into the pennies.

Toss one into the well while saying:

I allow myself to be beautiful.
I accept beauty.
Repeat this with the remaining four coins.

It is done.

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