Gentle Sleep Oil

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Place a dot of this blend on each temple and underside of
the wrist before bed, or dab a bit on the edge of your bed
near your pillow. Makes about 1 ounce.
What You Need:
♦ 1 tablespoon carrier oil
♦ 10 drops lavender essential oil
♦ 8 drops sandalwood essential oil
♦ 5 drops ylang-ylang essential oil
♦ 1-ounce glass bottle with cap
♦ Label and pen or marker
What to Do:

  1. Center and ground.
  2. Mix the carrier oil and the other oil drops together in a
    small bottle, focusing on the goal of peaceful sleep as
    you do. Cap the bottle and hold it between your hands,
    saying, “I charge you to bring restful sleep. May rest be
    deep, may I wake refreshed. So may it be.”
  3. Label the bottle.