(Cannibis sativa) G

Folk Names:

Chanvre, Gallowgrass, Ganeb, Ganja, Grass, Hanf, Kif, Marijuana, Neckweede, Tekrouri, Weed








Healing, Love, Visions, Meditation

Magical Uses:

Marijuana, or hemp as it was commonly named, was once widely used in magic.

Due to laws enacted during the 1930’s which restrict its use and sale, many of these practices are dying out.

Here is a sampling of them.

Hemp has long been used in love spells and divinations, such as in the following infamous “Hempseed Spell.”

Take a handful of hemp seeds to a church at midnight, preferably just as Midsummer begins.

Walk around the church nine times, sprinkling the hemp seed as you walk, and repeat the following words:

Hempseed I sow, hempseed I sow,
Who will come after me and mow?

You will see a vision of your future husband or wife—and you may also get the local church in trouble with the law!

Hemp was part of many vision and scrying incenses, the smoke of which opened the psychic senses.

Mugwort and hemp were prescribed to be burned before a magic mirror to gain visions.

It was also added to meditation incenses.

Scourges made of hemp were used in China as imitation snakes, which were beaten against the beds of the sick to drive out the malicious, illness-causing demons.