Roses are a highly versatile and magickal herb that has the highest vibrational frequency out of all the plants. As such they have been used for cultural and medicinal purposes for over 5,000 years. With The first known uses of the red rose reaches back to the seventeenth century BC. In the Iliad, Homer mentions that Hector’s body was anointed with rose oil after he was killed by Achilles. In Greek Lore, the poet Anacreon wrote that the foam dripping from the body of Aphrodite as she emerged from the sea turned into white roses. Aphrodite gave the roses, which had become a Greek symbol of Silence, to her son Eros, asking him to not disclose to anyone about her sexual indiscretions. Eros, promptly passed it on to Harpocrates, the God of Silence, thus giving rise to the analogy for the necessity for secrecy in certain amorous affairs – which is where the term “don’t kiss and tell” is thought to come from. Later, while mourning over the body of her lover Adonis, Aphrodite’s tears are said to have turned the white roses red. Many civilations have Red Roses as part of their folklore. In Roman mythology, roses are associated numerous gods including Flora, Bacchus, Vertumnus, Hymen, Venus and Cupid. Ancient Romans not only used roses for medicinal purposes but also, fragrance at celebrations, where Roman brides and grooms were crowned with kip 0 and the rose represents the individual’s unfolding consciousness”. Further folk lore has the red rose representing silence with the cross signifies “salvation, to which the Society of the Rose-Cross devoted itself by teaching mankind the love of God and the beauty of brotherhood, with all that they implied.” While further writings claim that the Rosy Cross is a symbol of the human process of reproduction elevated to the spiritual: “The fundamental symbols of the Rosicrucians were the rose and the cross; the rose female and the cross male, both universal phallic” Throughout Christian folklore, the red rose has symbolized the blood and suffering of Christ, the five petals representing his five wounds. Roses have also been used to represent Mary and the purity and motherhood associated with her.In Muslim folklore, one of Muhammed’s wives was accused of adultery. He gave her a bouquet of red roses and told her to throw them into a pool. They turned yellow, indicating her guilt. Another story says that the first rose came from a drop of sweat from Muhammed’s brow.In Jewish folklore, a man once accused a woman of a crime in retribution for refusing his advances. She was to be burned at the stake. Miraculously, the fire does not kill her but killed him. From his ashes red roses grew, proving his treachery, while From the ashes at her feet grew white roses, symbolizing her innocence.While here in ancient England, folklore dictates if a petal falls as a rose is being cut, bad luck is sure to follow! Other lore has A rose hanging from a ceiling to indicate that anything that taking place beneath it is to be be held in the utmost confidence.In Italy, only rosebuds, or partially closed roses may be given as gifts. To give a fully open rose to another marks them for death!The meaning and symbolism of the red rose has stayed consistent over all of the years and will forever remain as the perfect expression of romance.Even though there are many different colours of roses, each with differing meanings, the red rose and even different shades of the red rose, still symbolise the same thing.For example, the burgundy rose suggests a one-sided romance and gifting this would be in order to see if it is reciprocated. Also, deep red roses are said to symbolise deep, meaningful emotions towards a significant other. Being the colour of blood, it has been implied that this emphasises the pinnacle of the human existence and love is the coreThe Rose’s high frequency makes it an ideal herb for cleansing. While white sage is often regarded as the herb for cleansing and smudging, there are valid ethical concerns regarding the widespread use of white sage such as environmental impact and the appropriation of Native American cultures Not only does Burning rose petals in a cauldron make a good substitute for burning a white sage, they also add their own positive energy to whatever space you’re cleansing.Drinking rose tea is a great way to kick back and get magickal. Tea magick is a real thing and not only does rose tea taste wonderfully refreshing, it has a great relaxing calming not to mention it is also caffeine-free making it a great hot drink option for those wanting or needing to avoid caffeineStaying hydrated is key to good health. Rose tea is primarily made up of water, and drinking it is a good way to increase your fluid intake, which may also aid weight loss.Rose tea is rich in polyphenols, such as gallic acid, anthocyanins, kaempferol, and quercetin. These antioxidants help neutralize free radicals and contribute to good health.Other health benefits include • mental benefits, such as to treat dementia and seizures • relaxation, stress reduction, depression, and anxiety effects • reduced severity of allergic reactions • antibacterial properties • improved insulin resistance and heart health • treatment of liver disease • laxative effects • anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties • anticancer effects • A tincture taken three or four times a day is used for a weak stomach and to stop hemorrhaging. • Crushed Rose petals boiled with honey is good for coughs and sore throats. • petals steeped the vinegar for several days, then Applied to a cloth and placed on to the forehead is good for headaches caused by being out in the sun too long. • Rosewater ointment is good for chapped skin and abrasions.Being the flower of love, roses have been used in magic love spells. It is believed that roses can promote love and stimulate one’s sex drive • Dried roses are a perfect addition to an attraction poppet or love spell poppet. • Anoint yourself with rosewater before date night to evoke the essence of romance. • Add them to an attraction bath. simply draw a bath, add rose petals, a few drops of rose essential oil, a cup of fresh milk, and light some red or pink candles for a simple glamour spell to cultivate attractiveness. • Thorns also make excellent additions to protection spells or to deflect negative energy. • Dab rosewater on candles you plan to use in love spells. • Petals can be crushed to make a natural blush • Add them to any beauty spell. Beauty spells often incorporate roses for their elegance, charm and grace. • Make an offering to Aphrodite by Tossing rose petals on a body of water (the ocean is traditional, but a lake or river will do) as an offering to Aphrodite whe Asking her to lavish your aura with her wit, charm and allure • Dab a drop of rose oil on all your light bulbs to keep your house smelling sweetRose petals make an excellent offering or sacrifice to any deity, spirit, faery, demon, or other interdimensional entity that you sense will enjoy them. It’s the energy of rose petals that makes them appealing to certain entities. Goddesses such as Aphrodite, Venus, Gaia, Flora, Astarte, Lilith, and more appreciate receiving rose petalsRoses were also found to have been buried in Egyptian tombs as an offering to the goddess Isis.Red Roses also have many magickal uses. The high-frequency energy of roses is useful for manifesting money, wealth, and other material desires.Other Magickal uses including • Placing dried rose petals in a money poppet/ sachet/ witch’s bottle boosts the containers money-drawing powers. • Placing a few dried red rose petals in your wallet draws in money • helps in developing psychic knowledge and increase intuition. • Wearing a red rose brings in luck • Can be used as a form of protection • Enhances female intuition • Psychic work and dream work • Avoidance of conflict • Confidence • Truth • Burning dried rose petals add positive energy to fire spells. • To have prophetic dreams just make a soft infusion with rosebuds and drink it just before bedtimeWrite something you hope to manifest on a piece of paper, fold petals into the paper then set the paper on fire before throwing it into a cauldron. As the smoke rises, visualize your intention being released into other planes of existence in order to fulfill its manifestation.As well as the different shades of red symbolising love, the different numbers of red roses all express romantic love in various ways..Here is a quick guide: • One Rose – Love at first sight, or if in a long-term relationship ‘you are still the only one’ • Two Roses – Mutual love and affection • Six Roses – Infatuation and the need to be yours • Ten Roses – Their love is perfection • Eleven Roses – True and deep love that is treasured • Twelve Roses – A classic gift that says ‘be mine’ • Fifteen Roses – An apology for a loved one • Twenty-Four Roses – Clearly state that ‘I’m yours’ • Thirty-Six Roses – Head over heels in love • Fifty Roses – A love that has no bounds