Teas & Brews

You can make this fragrant tea with herbs from your garden or dried herbs that you buy. Seven Flower Tea cools you down on a warm summer’s day, helping to keep you calm and soothe your digestion.1 quart boiling water2 teaspoons chamomile flower1 teaspoon linden flower1 teaspoon calendula flower1 teaspoon lavender flower1 teaspoon honeysuckle flower1 1/2 teaspoon passion flower1 1/2 teaspoon orange flower or orange peelPour boiling water over the flowers. Allow to steep for 20 minutes. Strain. Drink.

Headache Tea

Put a pinch of Lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary, and Mint into a coffee filter and make it like you would coffee. Or you can put the herbs in a spice ball and leave in hot water for 15 to 30 minutes.

Keep Me Healthy Tea

Prepare this tea when you are already in good health and want to maintain it. As you drink it, visualize yourself in the days to come as healthy, happy, and active.4 parts calendula flowers1 part mullein leaves or flowers1 part marjoram leaves1 part St. John’s Wort

Heal Me Tea

Although your potions should never replace a trip to the doctor when you are ill, this tea can give you a magical boost to speed your healing. Focus on ridding your body of whatever ails you. If you are running a fever, add 1 part of Feverfew.4 parts rose petals3 parts violet petals2 parts dried apples1 part dried blackberries1 part eucalyptus leaves1 part ginseng root

Sip for Success Tea

While sipping this tea, envision yourself succeeding at a current project you are undertaking. Use tangible images such as seeing the project complete. Feel yourseld doing your job successfully. This tea works best when working with specific projects or situations. Don’t just imagine yourself successful—define what success means to you.4 parts clover flowers2 parts lemon balm leaves1 part ginger root

Cramp Alleviating Tea

To stop menstrual cramps, drink a half cup of the following tea twice a day.Place one teaspoon of feverfew in the filter cup of the coffee maker and add one cup of water. As the tea brews, chant:Herb and water, powers thrive,Bring your magick now to life.Pour the tea and sweeten with honey, if desired. Before you drink it, chant over the cup:Feverfew, now herbal tea,Send painful cramps away from me.

Desert Sage Third Eye Brew Extra Strength

Brew tea from desert sage, white sage, mugwort, lemon balm, peppermint and orange zest.

Desert Sage Third Eye Brew

Desert sage is a popular ingredient in commercial psychic-inducing herbal teas. It has a smoky flavor and is less bitter than mugwort or wormwood.Brew tea from desert sage and white sage. Drink to enhance clairvoyance, psychic vision, and reception. (The Third Eye is the area between the eyes, just above the bridge of the nose, and has long been associated with psychic powers.)

Protection Brew

3 parts Rue2 parts Rosemary1 part Vetivert1 part Hyssop1 part Mistletoe*Brew as usual, strain and anoint each window and door of the house. Pour the rest down the drain to safeguard them. Do not drink!!

Purification Brew

Collect any nine sacred plants, such as vervain, rue, rosemary, oak, pine, acacia, rose, carnation, thyme, basil, jasmine and so on. Place in a nonmetallic pot or bowl. Add rain water (or fresh water) and let the herbs soak, covered and away from light, for three days. Strain. Use for asperging the house, others, or yourself for purification.

Purification Brew #2

1 part Lemon Verbena1 part dried Lemon peel1 part ChamomileBrew, drink for purification prior to ritual. If desired, add a splash of lemon juice, a teaspoon of honey or sugar. (Sugar is used by Peruvian shamans in purification ceremonies).

Rainbow Brew

When it rains, wait for the clouds to break somewhere and look for a rainbow. If you find one, put a saucer or some other nonmetallic pan outside where it can catch rain. If it rains while the rainbow is still present, save the water for ritual uses. It has been blessed by the rainbow’s appearance. Because the rainbow contains all colors, this “brew” is useful for all types of magick. Bottle and label. Add to bathe or anoint the body and hands while visualizing your magickal goal.

Sleep Brew

1 part Rose petals1 part Myrtle leaves1 part VervainSoak rose petals in a pot of water for three days. Add more rose petals each day. On the third day, add myrtle and vervain at sunrise and let soak all day. That night, just before going to bed, bathe your forehead with three handfuls of the brew. Your sleep should be free from nightmares. Use the brew until gone, then make another batch if needed.

Tranquility Tea

2 tablespoons nettle4 1/2 teaspoons oat straw4 1/2 teaspoons chamomile flowers1 1/2 teaspoons St. John’s wort1 1/2 teaspoons skullcap1 1/2 teaspoons passionflowerCombine the ingredients thoroughly and place three tablespoons of the mixture in the filter cup of the coffee maker. Add a full pot of water. As the tea brews and drips into the pot, chant:Herbs, mix your energiesAnd flow now into harmonyTo soothe and calm and bring new peaceWith every sip I take of thee.Drink the tea hot or over ice. Sweeten with honey.

Sleep Inducing Tea

Add one tablespoon of chamomile flowers to a cup of boiling water. As the tea steeps, chant:Soothing flowers, bring to meThe sleep that I so sorely need.Sweeten with honey if desired.

Psychic Tea

Drink this tea during psychic and divination works.1 teaspoon cinnamon1 teaspoon rose petals3 teaspoons mugwort1 teaspoon yarrowCombine all ingredients. Use one tablespoon of mixture for every cup of boiling water. As it steeps, chant over the tea:Tea of richest psychic powerEnhanced awareness on me shower.Bring the visions I should see.As I will, so mote it be!


Moon Brew

Set a silver container filled with water out on the night of the Full Moon just as it rises (which will be at sunset). Allow the water to soak up Lunar rays all night. Just before dawn, rise and retrieve the water. Place in an earthen jug and cork tightly. (Never expose to the rays of the Sun). Add to the bath for love; anoint money to increase wealth; touch to the brow to promote psychic awareness; place in the bath to attune with the spiritual planes or prior to Lunar rituals

Money Brew

3 parts Sassafras2 parts Cedar1 part Allspice1 part Clove1 part Dill1 part Vetivert1 part CalamusHalf fill a green glass bottle with fresh water. Add about a handful or so of the mixed, empowered herbs. Cap tightly and leave in full sunlight all day. At dusk, sniff the water. If the scent is strong, strain and add to baths, wash hands, anoint money charms and so on. If it isn’t strong enough, chill overnight and return to the Sun the following day.

Kernunnos Protection Brew

1 part Pine needles1 part Caraway1 part Bay1 part Basil1 part AniseIn a red glass bottle half-filled with water, steep the herbs in the Sun for a day. Strain and add to bath water, or anoint your body for personal protection. Also, anoint protective amulets and talismans.

Isis Healing Brew

1 part Rosemary1 part Sage1 part Thyme1 part CinnamonHalf fill a blue glass bottle with fresh water. Add the ground, empowered herbs to it and let this sit in the Sun all day. If by sunset the water has been colored by the herbs, it is ready for use. If not, store in the refrigerator overnight and steep in the Sun the following day. Strain. Anoint the body or add to bath water while visualizing yourself as being in perfect health.

Headache Brew

Ingredients: A pinch of: White Willow bark, Blue Vervain, Feverfew leaves, Rosemary leaves, Skullcap.Directions: Brew and drink half a teaspoons of dry tea daily. Can be used daily. DO NOT TAKE IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR LACTATING.Indications: The herbs in this blend can help relieve pain and fix the underlying cause. Chronic pain is often a signal of an underlying problem, so please get diagnosed by a doctor. Do not take this tea if you are pregnant or lactating. Always ask your doctor before taking any herbs

Clairvoyance Brew

3 parts Rose petals1 part Cinnamon1 part Nutmeg1 part Bay1 part MugwortPlace in teapot, fill with boiling water, let steep, covered, for a few minutes. Remove cover, sniff steam (not so that you burn your nose) for a few moments, visualize the mystic scent opening your psychic awareness, then lie down and prophesize. If you wish, drink a bit of the brew as well, and let the steam continue to rise as you stretch your psychic awareness.

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