All healing herbs must first be empowered. You can use ready-dried and powdered herbs or chop your
own and grind them in a mortar and pestle. This method is particularly suitable for herbs to be placed
in a healing sachet.

* Place your chosen herbs in a small ceramic or glass bowl and run them through your fingers into a
ceramic or wooden bowl, repeating an appropriate imprecation, for example,

‘Fennel, fennel,
give my infant
peaceful sleep ‘,

until you can feel the power rising. (Fennel is excellent magically and medicinally for curing babies’
colic and a sachet of fennel and Chamomile hung above the cradle is a great soother.)
* Add a chant for each herb in the sachet as you put it in the bowl. The chant will become longer until
you are naming all the ingredients:

‘Fennel, fennel,
give my infant quiet sleep,
Chamomile, Chamomile,
bring her sweet dreams…’.

* If you wish, add at this stage any essential oil you are using, naming it as part of the cumulative

* Place about a tablespoon of the herb or herbs in your ready-stitched sachet, or in the centre of the
cloth to be tied. Use more for a larger sachet, but remember that it is best to under- rather than overfill.
As you add the herbs, repeat your chant about the energies you are invoking in the herbs.
* Close the sachet or tie the material in three, six or nine consecutive knots of a natural twine or
ribbon, seeing your energy and healing bound in the knots. As you tie your bag, visualise yourself – or
the person, animal or place that the sachet is intended to heal – fully restored, as you chant:

Three knots I bind,
three knots I wind,
love, health and tranquillity.
Three more I tie,
to Earth, Sea, Sky,
for days and nights of harmony,
Three knots to heal,
these herbs I seal.
In power and joy,
so let it be.
(Adapt the chant to the number of knots you are using.)