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Gems for Depression

Smoky Quartz: for grounding, removes negative and excess energy.
Kunzite: Beautiful light pink stone that is known for its powerful abilities to help one heal emotional disorders. Releases tension, restores peace, calming.
Lepidolite: Helps one remove negative thoughts, especially obsessive ones. Is also known to help stabilize mood swings, and balances excessive energies.
Tiger’s Eye: Grounds energy and brings a more positive outlook. Works with energy from both the sun and the earth. Highly protective, can help defend against unwanted, negative energies.
Sunstone: Dispels fears, phobias, and can create a more positive outlook. It is a stone of independence and strength.
Citrine: known for its positive attributes. Radiates positive energy.
Rose Quartz: A gentle healing stone that aids in self-love, compassion, and emotional issues.
Chrysoprase: promotes joy and happiness. Is known to ease anxiety issues.
Lapis Lazuli: Can help overcome abuse issues, trauma, depression, and grief. Aids in independence, inner power, and hope.
Lithium Quartz: Releases stress, helps restore emotional balance, can ease mood swings.
Jet: Purifies & protects, calms anxiety & fearful thinking. Promotes self-reliance, eases stress due to transitions/changes

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